Jason Mary S. Lee

Watch Journalist, Director, DP & Photographer


Based in New York, NY

Jason began making photographs at the age of seventeen. As he experimented with his imaginations and conceptual ideas, his love of photography and filmmaking blossomed as he taught himself how to create freely.

Jason is a graduate of the prestigious Film & TV and Journalism program at New York University, and is working as a freelance Content Creator in New York City. 

Jason's past and present clients as a journalist/filmmaker include: Chronos Magazine, SJX Watches, PPAPER Magazine, Blanc Magazine, ShortCut, and etcetera. While still in college, Jason had been featured on the RED website and on NYU News for having shot an editorial film that was sponsored by CHANEL: https://nyunews.com/arts/film/2019/04/22/jason-lee-lucky-filmmaker-tisch-chanel/

From writing editorial press release articles for Chronos Magazine and SJX Watches to taking photographs for Blancpain, Jason has a wide range of experience as a writer and as a photographer. After winning Silver Key at Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in high school, Jason has formally exhibited and sold his photographs at reputable art galleries, in addition to receiving various magazine features — online and offline. Nowadays, Jason specializes in shooting short films, fashion magazine editorials, event video production, and corporate interviews — as a Cinematographer & Gimbal Operator. His most notable recent works include promotion campaign videos for WatchTime New York 2021, and a corporate interview of Guido Terreni at Parmigiani Fleurier in Geneva. Jason's thesis film — Delusion (2019) — has won major awards throughout the world, and has been screened in art theatres and on top-tier television channels in South Korea. His award-winning intermediate experimental film at NYU — Santa Maria (2019) — was officially accepted by American Film Institute. When he is not working, he spends his time reading horology articles on WatchVille, renting out his camera gears on Sharegrid, capturing photographs of luxury watches throughout New York City, writing watch reviews on his Instagram, praying the Rosary with the Hennessy family, and cuddling with his three most adorable cats at home. 

Jason is now a Permanent Resident of the United States (Since 2019), and is currently available for hire within the United States.

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