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Jason S. Lee

Watch Collector & Content Creator

+82 10 9506 2981

Based in Seoul, South Korea

Jason began making art at the age of seventeen. As he experimented with his imaginations and conceptual ideas, his love of photography, filmmaking, and writing blossomed as he taught himself how to create freely.

Jason is a graduate of the prestigious Film & TV and Journalism (with a minor in Economics) program at New York University, and is best known for having been featured on the RED website and on NYU News for having shot an editorial film that was sponsored by CHANEL while he was still in college.

From writing editorials for SJX Watches to making commercially viable videos for Blancpain and Chanel to producing and shooting a $50,000 narrative NYU thesis film for a gifted film director, Jason has a wide range of experience as a Content Creator. After winning Silver Key at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in high school, Jason has formally exhibited and sold his photographs at reputable art galleries, in addition to receiving various magazine features online and offline. His most notable recent work includes a corporate interview with Guido Terreni at Parmigiani Fleurier in Geneva. Jason's thesis film — Delusion (2019) — has won major awards throughout the world, and has been screened in art theatres and on top-tier television channels in South Korea. His award-winning intermediate experimental film at NYU — Santa Maria (2019) — was officially accepted by the American Film Institute. When he is not working, he spends his time cuddling with his two most adorable cats (Winston and Oak) at home. He is the grandson of Dong Kyu Kim, a former CEO of Daewoo Architecture, and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the current South Korean Government regime. When Jason graduated from college, he was awarded The Founders' Day Award, which was given as a recognition that he was a straight-A student both academically and artistically throughout the course of his majors.

Jason is currently working remotely for SJX Watches as a luxury watch journalist in South Korea. Despite his busy schedule, Jason always has time for chit-chatting about, and trying on new vintage and modern watches. Jason has no direct affiliation with any of the luxury watch brands he regularly conducts transactions with and is just a private individual who happens to genuinely love watches ever since he bought his first luxury watch a decade ago, which was a Baume & Mercier Classima in Rose Gold.

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