"Fairy" - CHANEL 2018 AW Collection

*Officially Sponsored by CHANEL, Featured on Shot on RED and NYU News

Director: Yuti Chang
Producers: Yuti Chang & Jason S. Lee

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Marti Arcucci

Models: Elizabeth Davison

*Sponsored by Elite Model Management

Editor: Timmy Beckmann

Make Up Artist: Jonathan Wu

Hair Stylist: Koji Ichikawa

Manicurist: Frances Liang

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Dean Chen

Styling Assistant: Angie AnautJessica Zuluaga Duque 

Production Assistant: Li-Jung Chien, Andre Chang & Ching-Ya Chen

Delusion (2019)

*Finalist at Big Apple Film Festival 2020 and Winner at Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival

*Screened in Select Korean Theatres as Part of the "Love Line" Series

 (Jongro Hollywood Theatre, Jongdong 1928 Art Center) 


Director & Writer: Joon Young So

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee
Producer: So Jin Han
Line producer: Xiaohan Jia

Assistant Director: Renkai Tan

Starring Dan Berkey, Andrew Burdette Bronte Stanfield

Gaffer: Rahul Sharma

Key Grip: JC Calubayan
Grips: Korryn Hale, Christopher Evans, Roberto De Cecco Dean Chen

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Celeste Perlez
Sound Mixer: Mark Fraunhofer
Production Designer: Daney Kang
Set Designer: Seung Heon Lee

Art Assistant: Ari Kim
Makeup Artist: Tayler Winer
PAs: Sang Hoon Lee, Dylan Shin, Christina Lee, Kyungmin Yoo, Chloe KwakGyeongwon Hwang

7045 Steps (2019)

*Film Based on Kevin Wilson's Tunneling Into The Center of Earth

*Winner of Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2020

Director & Writer: Shukai Wang
Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee
Producers: Tianpu Zhang & Shukai Wang

UPM: Nikki Liu

1st Assistant Director: Elizabeth Ng

2nd Assistant Director: Jia Xiaohan

Script Supervisor: Song Hui

1st AC: Pierrick Reiss & Celeste Perlez

Steadicam Operator: Ran Shan

Gaffer: David Ospina Camargo

Best Boy Electrician: Daney Kang

Key Grip: Brian De la Cruz

Best Boy Grip: Xutong Liu (Effy)

Grips: Alexander Zinn, Ben Falah, Oliver Ho, Grant Hirsch & Qiu Runze

Sound Recording: Ken McKim

Production Designer: Emma Barakat

Art Director: Sean Hughes & Shiqi Huang

Wardrobe Stylist: Baiyang Luo

Hair and Makeup: Monica Wu

Set Photographer: Yin Zhou (Isabella)

What Dreams May Come (2018)

*SAG Indie Narrative Film with $20,000 Budget


Director & Writer: Dean Chen
Producer: Mitchell Lazar

Director of Photography & Colorist: Jason S. Lee

Gaffer: Rahul Sharma & Ostin Fam

Production Designer: Ecegül Bayram

Assistant Production Designer: Sofia Uehara

Editor: Timmy Beckman

Sound Designer: Nathan Bonetto

Make Up Artist: Emma Elizabeth Mua

Unit Production Manager: Daniel Sorochkin

Sound Mixer: Mark Fraunhofer

Assistant Camera: Patrick Reiss

Assistant Director: David Maire

Key Grip: Gandharv Motial

Art Assistant: Lynn Sun

Production Assistant: Mingchen Nie

ShortcutCommercial (2018)

Director: Mitchell Lazar

Producers: Mitchell Lazar, Will NewtonJohn Meurer Jr. 

Cinematographer: Jason S. Lee

Editor: Mitchell Lazar & Jeremy Carrasco

Sound Mixer & Colorist: Jeremy Carrasco

Cast: Pedro Rosario, Alex Kantor & Abdul Nazar

Make Up Artist: Maria Alexandra

Dare To Be Bold (2018)

*Commercial Fashion Film for YeonY

*Official Selection at Seattle International Film Festival

Director: Mitchell Lazar

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Executive Producer: Jason S. Lee

Producer: Dean Chen

Designer & Stylist: Seung Yeon Kim

Models: Johanna ThuringerEmma Antonuk

*Represented by Wilhelmina Models 

Editor: Timmy Beckmann

Steadicam Operator: Tanner Carlson

Make Up Artist: Evelyn Ziropoulos

Colorist: Patrick Badescu

On-Set Photographer: Joyce Zhang

Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

Assistant Director: Dean Chen

Hand Model: Olenka Preisler-Grabicki

Production Assistant: Marija Misevičiūtė

Blank Slate: Adaptation (2016)

*Accepted to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film & TV


Director, Director of Photography, Colorist & Editor : Jason S. Lee

Sound Designer: Matt Orlando

VFX Editor: Maba Ba & Patrick Roth

Voice Actor: Tate Rehklau, Jessica Fisher

Paintings: Grace Kinsella & Suzie Kang

The Way I Hurt - Music Video (2018)

Director: Kevin Yu

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Producer: Brian Plain

Line Producer/UPM: Kelly Drake

Musician: Brett Castro

Key Grip: Emmet Luciano

Production Designer: Griffin Cubero

Choreographer: Patrick Yeboah & Sierra Fisher

Dancers: Bella Haris, Patrick Yeboah & Sierra Fisher

Assistant Director: Olivia Malesco

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Dean Chen

Production Assistant: Lili Rebelo

In The Spirit of Giacometti (2019)

*Editorial Film for L'Officiel, March/April Issue 2019 


Director: Yuti Chang

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Shandilala Alexander

Models: Megan Otnes, Lily Chapman, Karina Ramirez

*Sponsored by Wilhelmina Models

Make Up Artist: Angelina Cheng

Hair: Koji Ichikawa

Manicure: Frances Liang

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Daney Kang

Set Designer: Tim Ferro


Masculine  Feminine (2018)

*Editorial Film for Blanc Magazine, Published October 2018 


Director: Yuti Chang

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Nicha Jones

Models: Zhao Yan 

*Sponsored by Wilhelmina Models

Make Up Artist: Risako Matsushita

Hair: Akira Nagano

Manicure: Frances Liang

Assistant Camera: Kelly Robinson

Production Assistant: Jung Huang





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