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"Fairy" - CHANEL 2018 AW Collection

*Officially Sponsored by CHANEL, Featured on Shot on RED and NYU News

Director: Yuti Chang
Producers: Yuti Chang & Jason S. Lee

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Marti Arcucci

Models: Elizabeth Davison

*Sponsored by Elite Model Management

Editor: Timmy Beckmann

Make Up Artist: Jonathan Wu

Hair Stylist: Koji Ichikawa

Manicurist: Frances Liang

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Dean Chen

Styling Assistant: Angie AnautJessica Zuluaga Duque 

Production Assistant: Li-Jung Chien, Andre Chang & Ching-Ya Chen

Delusion (2019)

*Finalist at Big Apple Film Festival 2020 and Winner at Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival

*Screened in Select Korean Theatres as Part of the "Love Line" Series

 (Jongro Hollywood Theatre, Jongdong 1928 Art Center) 


Director & Writer: Joon Young So

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee
Producer: So Jin Han
Line producer: Xiaohan Jia

Assistant Director: Renkai Tan

Starring Dan Berkey, Andrew Burdette Bronte Stanfield

Gaffer: Rahul Sharma

Key Grip: JC Calubayan
Grips: Korryn Hale, Christopher Evans, Roberto De Cecco Dean Chen

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Celeste Perlez
Sound Mixer: Mark Fraunhofer
Production Designer: Daney Kang
Set Designer: Seung Heon Lee

Art Assistant: Ari Kim
Makeup Artist: Tayler Winer
PAs: Sang Hoon Lee, Dylan Shin, Christina Lee, Kyungmin Yoo, Chloe KwakGyeongwon Hwang

7045 Steps (2019)

*Film Based on Kevin Wilson's Tunneling Into The Center of Earth

*Winner of Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2020

Director & Writer: Shukai Wang
Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee
Producers: Tianpu Zhang & Shukai Wang

UPM: Nikki Liu

1st Assistant Director: Elizabeth Ng

2nd Assistant Director: Jia Xiaohan

Script Supervisor: Song Hui

1st AC: Pierrick Reiss & Celeste Perlez

Steadicam Operator: Ran Shan

Gaffer: David Ospina Camargo

Best Boy Electrician: Daney Kang

Key Grip: Brian De la Cruz

Best Boy Grip: Xutong Liu (Effy)

Grips: Alexander Zinn, Ben Falah, Oliver Ho, Grant Hirsch & Qiu Runze

Sound Recording: Ken McKim

Production Designer: Emma Barakat

Art Director: Sean Hughes & Shiqi Huang

Wardrobe Stylist: Baiyang Luo

Hair and Makeup: Monica Wu

Set Photographer: Yin Zhou (Isabella)

What Dreams May Come (2018)

*SAG Indie Narrative Film with $20,000 Budget


Director & Writer: Dean Chen
Producer: Mitchell Lazar

Director of Photography & Colorist: Jason S. Lee

Gaffer: Rahul Sharma & Ostin Fam

Production Designer: Ecegül Bayram

Assistant Production Designer: Sofia Uehara

Editor: Timmy Beckman

Sound Designer: Nathan Bonetto

Make Up Artist: Emma Elizabeth Mua

Unit Production Manager: Daniel Sorochkin

Sound Mixer: Mark Fraunhofer

Assistant Camera: Patrick Reiss

Assistant Director: David Maire

Key Grip: Gandharv Motial

Art Assistant: Lynn Sun

Production Assistant: Mingchen Nie

Dare To Be Bold (2018)

*Commercial Fashion Film for YeonY

*Official Selection at Seattle International Film Festival

Director: Mitchell Lazar

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Executive Producer: Jason S. Lee

Producer: Dean Chen

Designer & Stylist: Seung Yeon Kim

Models: Johanna ThuringerEmma Antonuk

*Represented by Wilhelmina Models 

Editor: Timmy Beckmann

Steadicam Operator: Tanner Carlson

Make Up Artist: Evelyn Ziropoulos

Colorist: Patrick Badescu

On-Set Photographer: Joyce Zhang

Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

Assistant Director: Dean Chen

Hand Model: Olenka Preisler-Grabicki

Production Assistant: Marija Misevičiūtė

Blank Slate: Adaptation (2016)

*Accepted to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film & TV


Director, Director of Photography, Colorist & Editor : Jason S. Lee

Sound Designer: Matt Orlando

VFX Editor: Maba Ba & Patrick Roth

Voice Actor: Tate Rehklau, Jessica Fisher

Paintings: Grace Kinsella & Suzie Kang

The Way I Hurt - Music Video (2018)

Director: Kevin Yu

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Producer: Brian Plain

Line Producer/UPM: Kelly Drake

Musician: Brett Castro

Key Grip: Emmet Luciano

Production Designer: Griffin Cubero

Choreographer: Patrick Yeboah & Sierra Fisher

Dancers: Bella Haris, Patrick Yeboah & Sierra Fisher

Assistant Director: Olivia Malesco

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Dean Chen

Production Assistant: Lili Rebelo

In The Spirit of Giacometti (2019)

*Editorial Film for L'Officiel, March/April Issue 2019 


Director: Yuti Chang

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Shandilala Alexander

Models: Megan Otnes, Lily Chapman, Karina Ramirez

*Sponsored by Wilhelmina Models

Make Up Artist: Angelina Cheng

Hair: Koji Ichikawa

Manicure: Frances Liang

1st Assistant Camera: Pierrick Reiss

2nd Assistant Camera: Daney Kang

Set Designer: Tim Ferro


Santa Maria (2019)

*Accepted to AFI Conservatory

Directed by Dean Chen

Direct of Photography by Jason S. Lee

Produced by Kevin Chen

Co-Producer Rui Mo

Production Manager Daney Kang

1st AD Madeline Chen

1st AC Tommy Chan

Steadicam Operator Tanner Carlson

Gaffer Ruochen Liao

Key Grip Rosy Ning Sun

Grip Joel Kaswan & Brian Peng

Sound Mixer Mark Fraunhofer

Editor Timmy Beckmann

Production Designer Susan Moon

Art Assistant Kaia Santos

Script Supervisor Alisa Traskunov

PA Ruonan Jiang

Paternitas (2019)

*Intermediate Experimental Film by Daney Kang

Directed by Daney Kang

Direct of Photography by Jason S. Lee

Produced by Sojin Han

Unit Production Manager Joshua Soomin Choi

Production Supervisor Darrell Wilson

1st AD Xiaohan Jia

1st AC Tommy Chan

2nd AC Dean Chen

Gaffer Mark Fraunhofer

Best Boy Electric/Grip DQ Kim

Key Grip Rosy Ning Sun

Music Director Daniel Farrell

Production Sound Mark Fraunhofer

Sound Mixer Chris Cush

Editor Hyunseung Hahn & Daney Kang

Colorist Jiho Won

Production Designer Daney Kang

Art Assistant Elizabeth Yun & Susan Moon

VFX Supervisor & Artist Jee Eun Kim 

Graphic Designer Elizabeth Costanzo

Hair Stylist Koji Ichikawa

Make Up Artist Maria Metarrese & Gina

Script Supervisor Alisa Traskunov

PA Robin Yoon

Location Host Virginie Sommet

ShortcutCommercial (2018)

Director: Mitchell Lazar

Producers: Mitchell Lazar, Will NewtonJohn Meurer Jr. 

Cinematographer: Jason S. Lee

Editor: Mitchell Lazar & Jeremy Carrasco

Sound Mixer & Colorist: Jeremy Carrasco

Cast: Pedro Rosario, Alex Kantor & Abdul Nazar

Make Up Artist: Maria Alexandra

Masculine  Feminine (2018)

*Editorial Film for Blanc Magazine, Published October 2018 


Director: Yuti Chang

Director of Photography: Jason S. Lee

Stylist: Nicha Jones

Models: Zhao Yan 

*Sponsored by Wilhelmina Models

Make Up Artist: Risako Matsushita

Hair: Akira Nagano

Manicure: Frances Liang

Assistant Camera: Kelly Robinson

Production Assistant: Jung Huang





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